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How we play on your team Really short version of a typical online product life cycle

Stage 1: The Idea

Your company CEO comes marching into the offsite strategy meeting and almost hyperventilates while sharing a new product idea. Or corporate’s big data analysis identifies a screaming market opportunity. Or your biggest customer wants to buy something you don’t currently sell. Or…

Anyway, let’s say you now have an idea for a new online product or service you must build.

In stage 1, El Salto partners can

Stage 2: The Build

Project managers, agile programmers, information architects, interactive designers, usability experts, interactive editors, content strategists, database administrators… perhaps a massage therapist. They all get together and build, or add to, an online platform that runs the idea.

In stage 2, El Salto partners can:

Stage 3: The real world, post-launch

Your new online product or service is up and running. The thing starts spitting out new big data and people create PowerPoint presentations. It looks great; most everybody says so to your face. But behind your back?

In stage 3, El Salto partners can: